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Q: What winter package is best for me?


A: We built our winter packages according to customer needs while keeping budget in mind: 

-The 20 visit package is our best seller for residential properties and it is the basic entry level for seasonal winter services.  We've based the 20 visit package on looking at the average number of snow falls over 2.5 cm for past decade in the area and we manage crew deployment throughout the winter to be as close to target as possible. As the name indicates, the package includes 20 pre purchased visits for the season and snow removal crews will deploy daily to remove snow upon a minimum of  2.5 cm accumulation. This is our lowest cost package, it is designed to keep our customers functional through the season and it does not include ice control. Any additional visit required beyond the original 20 can be purchased at the same prorated cost if desired. Note that this package is fully customizable and customers can utilize their pre-paid visits at any time with a simple phone call even if the minimal threshold has not been met.

-The Gold package was built for residential customers requiring a higher level of service. It includes an unlimited number of seasonal visits as well as ice control. Crews deploy at the 2.5 cm threshold with snow often removed sooner in order to stay on top of any ice build up. In all residential packages, snow is usually removed within 12 hrs of end of snow fall.

-Commercial & Industrial packages are custom built according to customer needs, they factor facility hours, traffic, specific agreement dates and thresholds. They can include ice control with application of abrasives/deicer and off site snow hauling as required.

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