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This is the grass care offered to our seasonal customers. It consists of your basic grass care needs for the growing period from Mid May to Mid September. 

Prices start at 849$ + tx. 


Our crews will be taking consistent care of your property needs by mowing, trimming, blowing walkways, providing recommendations and assessments as required.

In addition, our seasonal customers can receive up to a 15% discount on additional services when booking a minimum of 3 services or more together.


These services include: 

-Dethatching - Aeration - Weed Control - Fertilizer Application. 

Seasonal programs are invoiced on 2 payments dates. The first payment being on May 15th and second one on July 01st.

Turf Sign.png

You may have seen our turf signs in the area. We use them to identify the services that were provided at a specific property. The "Pesticide Application Keep Off" note is only applicable when the WEED CONTROL PRODUCTS APPLIED box is checked. 

Don't forget, both the sign and picket are recyclable!

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