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Q: Why doesn’t Lakeland Lawn Care offer a pre-built all inclusive package with all services such as dethach, aeration, fertilizer and weed control along with the mowing?


A: Knowing that not all lawns are the same, we focus on recommending only the required services to our customers. We offer discounts according to the quantity of services purchased which has the same advantage as a package for saving our customers money, it also ensures they will not pay for services they do not need. 

For example aeration, dethatch or weed control may not systematically be required on a yearly basis. Properly assessing the lawn and only selling the beneficial services is important to us.



Q: Do you pick up dog stools as part of your services?


A: Yes we do, please keep in mind that this is offered as an additional service and it comes at extra cost due extra time and necessary precautions our employees must take.

Q: The maintenance crew was on my property for a few minutes only, is that sufficient to obtain good results?


A: Our personnel is trained to be quick and organized, they work with some of the best tools available and are very efficient at what they do, it is perfectly normal for work to be of short duration. Note that we always stand behind our work, if you feel we have omitted anything, give us a call and we’ll make sure to address any issues.

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