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Q: What do I need to do as a customer to prepare my lawn for weed treatment?


A: There are many aspects to obtaining an efficient treatment. This includes having many different scenarios depending on what type of weed we are treating for and in what conditions we are performing the work. Here are some basic rules that will apply to most cases.

  1. We always touch base with the owner to schedule the application and will ask that you do not mow the grass for 1 to 2 days prior to the application.

  2. Please keep you lawn free of encumbrances to enable proper application in order to obtain good results.

  3. Do not water your grass till the next day. Different products require different times to dry and take effect before the grass can be watered. We’ll usually ask for 24hrs just to make it easy and consistent.

  4. Do not walk on your grass till the next day. Once again this time period will change from one product to another. We prefer to keep it safe by over extending this period and ask to stay off the turf for 24 hrs.

  5. A turf sign indicating weed control application was performed will be posted on the lawn. Feel free to remove and recycle it 24 hrs after the application. 

  6. Do not mow your lawn for at least 2 to 3 days following the application. This to allow sufficient time for the product to reach the plant root and achieve maximum results.


Q: How long before I can see the effects of weed control?


A: This will vary according to weeds, environmental conditions, any adjuvant addition and product that is used. As a general rule of thumb, change of color, change of shape or signs of desiccation will be visible within a two week period.


Q: Is one single visit sufficient to keep the weeds away for the year?


A: This will vary based on many factors including the type of weeds, the quantity of weeds present, the time of year, environmental conditions, proximity of other weeds on neighbouring lots, etc. In general, one to two visits per summer is sufficient to obtain very reasonable control. Remember that keeping the lawn healthy is the number one key to keep weeds away.


Q: The maintenance crew was on my property for a few minutes only, is that sufficient to obtain good results?


A: Our personnel is trained to be quick and organized, they work with some of the best tools available and are very efficient at what they do, it is perfectly normal for work to be of short duration. Note that we always stand behind our work, if you feel we have omitted anything, give us a call and we’ll make sure to address any issues.

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